my best friend essay english for child and student

Essay on my best friend

lets start this my best friend essay english for child and students


The world is full of fair weather friends. Such friend do not stand in times of adversity. It is very difficult to find a true friend. One true friend is better than a hundred false friends. True friends are very rare in one’s life.

my best friend essay english

My best friend;-

Like others, I have also many friends. But Kumar is my true friend. He is my next door neighbour.

Kumar belongs to a very good and restable family. His father is a learned teacher and his mother lives at home. She is a pious and god fearing lady. She is an M.A in psychology.

His age and health;-

Kumar and I, are equal in age. He is tall and strong. He is very simple. He wears simple dress. He always looks active and smart. I spent most of my time with him.

His qualities:-

Kumar is always very simple and honest. He is never selfish. He never tells a lie. He always remains cheerful and gay. He is always punctual and regular to his class. He believes in dignity of labour and always works hard at his desk.

His studies;-

My friend is the best student of the college. he is at home in all his subjects. He never wastes his time. He always stands first in the class.

my best friend essay english

Games and co-curricular activities;-

He is a good player of cricket. He is the captain of our collage cricket team. All players love him and admire his game. He also takes part in co-curricular activities of the collage. He is a good speaker. He has won many prizes in debates.

Conclusion :-

Kumar has co-operative nature. He always comes to me first in every difficulty. He is an ideal friend. I am proud of having such a friend. my friend is my life.

I hope guys you like this my best friend essay english for child and student.

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