my mother essay in english for students

lets start  this my mother essay in english for child and students–



Mother is the relation that makes the human being as perfect.

My Mother:-

She is highly education.she is religious.she  recites the Ramayana, the Gita and the vedic mantras. She performs yajna on every Sunday. Thus she makes the home hygienic and full of religious fervour.


my mother essay in english


Welfare of the family:-

My mother had a clear vision of the true welfare of the family. We never saw her wavering in the face of difficulties. She remained as firm as a rock all her life. I still remember “for the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world”


The training she gave us;-

She made us rise early , bathe in cold water and take exercises in the open air. This is why we are healthy and strong.

She gave us some biographies of the great men. They taught us the influence of their mother on them. History is full of such example. Shivaji, sir walter scott and M.k. Gandhi were what their mothers made them. So it was with Abraham Lincoln. He wrote. “ All that I am , and hope to be I own to my mother.”


Home : a training place :-

Home is the first training school of a child. It gets its education here. A child learns and imbibes the qualities of its parents, while still in the womb. The glaring example of it is Abhimanyu. He leant the strategy of breaking Chakrauyuh in the womb . My mother is always cheerful, happy and jolly.

my mother essay in english



My mother knows the child psychology. If we put some questions to our father, he scolds us. He says he has no times to answer such silly questions. But our mother listens to our problems and solve them lovingly. This is why Thomas Alva Edison found in his mother his best teacher. She gives us everything on times. She manages the home so well that everything goes on smoothly.

When my father comes home from office, she serves him properly. She gives him breakfast and tea. She is very particular about my father. She knows he is the bread earner.

magaddh samrajya ki jankari in hindi

gotam buddha ki sampurn jankari

Conclusion  :-

                      My mother is everything for us. She is a mother, a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, a caretaker, an administrator, and what not.

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